Air Curtain Burners with Continuous Automatic Char Removal

Air Curtain Burners - Smokeless Waste Wood IncineratorsThese air curtain burners, or waste wood incinerators, turn large volumes of waste wood and vegetative debris into environmentally-friendly and valuable biochar.? Each system has automatic char removal for uninterrupted burning and incineration of waste material. A high velocity curtain of air keeps smoke particles from leaving the chamber reducing pollution during open burning.? This on-site process greatly reduces the volume of material to be disposed of at a landfill or waste facility.

placing waste wood and debris into burner or incinerator

Features & Benefits:

  • 3 models are available as large, above ground, self-contained burner systems – see features table below
  • All air curtain burner systems can be mobile or stationary – track mounted for easy onsite mobility and easy trailer loading
  • Clean, efficient and smokeless waste wood and plant debris disposal – a high velocity curtain of air across the entire combustion chamber seals the chamber from the atmosphere trapping and reburning the smoke particles.
  • Produces much lower CO2 and PM10 emissions – the process sequesters carbon in the waste wood and debris through pyrolysis with 20-60% of the original carbon sequestered. Compliant with current US EPA emission regulations.
  • Continuous automatic char removal for maximum throughput – the system can run continuously and doesn’t have to be stopped to clear the char.
  • Both high and low moisture debris can be fed into the system – larger system can eliminate large unprocessed trees, stumps, brush from land clearing projects, as well as, large pieces of construction and demolition waste, fine debris, municipal solid waste, agricultural products, etc.
  • No grinding or chipping is required or suggested – however, ground or chipped material can be fed into system with an optional hopper if necessary.
  • Greatly reduces volume of material to be disposed of at landfill or on-site – results in 5-20% of the original feed material as char
  • Produces environmentally-friendly and valuable biochar which is removed automatically without shutting down the system
  • Extremely low operating costs – about 1/3 the cost of typical waste wood incinerators and it can be operated by a single person.
  • Live stream video monitoring of burn chamber – full visibility for ease of feeding.

Get a Price Quote - Express Contact FormThese types of burners are also known as air curtain pit burners, waste wood incinerators, fire boxes, trench burners or air curtain carbonizers. They are used for land clearing, disposing of beetle-killed trees, burning municipal yard waste, incinerating construction and demolition waste, removing primary and secondary mill residues, clearing land for agriculture and burning debris from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods or wildfires.

air curtain burners - 3 models available

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portable-waste-wood-burner-on-low-boy-trailersmokeless waste wood incinerator for clearing land placing C D construction debris into air curtain burnerburning trees and debris with no smokeburning waste wood and trees in air curtain burnerwet-biochar-produced-after-burning-waste-wood-and-construction-debriswet biochar produced by air curtain burnerdry biochar produced by waste wood burnerGet a Price Quote - Express Contact FormTinsley-company-authorized-sales-representative-for-roi
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